The Penguin Road Racing School, Florida Vacation December 2000
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sunset.jpg (37323 bytes)
It started like any other weekend, with great sunsets . . .
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We did a little
tech inspecting.
basicclass.jpg (30027 bytes)
A little classroom.
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Some track talks.
flagging2.jpg (42994 bytes)
A little riding.
flood1.jpg (31222 bytes)
And then it got ugly,
14.5 inches of rain
in about 5 hours.
garage.jpg (42498 bytes)
High tide came up
to the garage.
hotpit.jpg (46123 bytes)
The hot pit.
hotpit2.jpg (30591 bytes)
Its not the heat its the humidity.
hotpit3.jpg (17532 bytes)
Hot pit again
parking2.jpg (28338 bytes)
Parking was at a premium.
parking3.jpg (26187 bytes)
Racers broke out
the water craft
parklot.jpg (17090 bytes)
Open Class water craft racing.
pit_in.jpg (23032 bytes)
The pit-in area.
scooter.jpg (17976 bytes)
Is that one of those
water jet bikes?
hsplash.jpg (38689 bytes)
So, how deep was
the front straight?
backstroke.jpg (34252 bytes)
Deep enough to do
the backstroke!
Make your plans for
 next year early
before all spaces
are reserved.
 There is nothing like
it, going racing in
Florida in December. 
Hope to see you
there next year.
And remember, your 
seat cushion can be 
used as a flotation